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First Class Product

Bought a bottle of Sensate a few weeks ago, and only got round to using it today. Caught bream, tench, roach, and a carp on my local snake lake on the pole, all on sweet corn flavoured with Sensate.
Experimented with normal unflavoured sweetcorn for a while and the result was very slow to say the least. Bites just dried up. So went back on the Sensate flavoured corn and bites started again straight away.

So simple to use

Go fishing without these at your own peril ,great day on the float the bites just kept comming. Great product and excellent service.

Fjuka Barbel Pack
Craig Foulstone (ENG)
Fjuka 2 in 1 Black micros and 6mm

Used these on a Barbel fishing trip mixed the micros with hemp and the 6mm as hookbait.
Had a bonanza session with 10 barbel

NEW Hookable Wafters
Leigh Sutton (ENG)
6mm Wafters

Used these for the first time yesterday in the pouring rain, caught numerous species carp,crucian,roach and ide.
Typically most came on the pink version and in the end I needed to dig around the pot to find them, must have
Had a pot less in?
This has given me confidence on my hook baits until the next match.

The Full Fjuka
Leigh Sutton (ENG)
Full Fjuka deal

Used for the first time yesterday, had great success on the neeonz and micro,s on the hook using small hybrid feeders.
Had to decant the bagged packets into containers otherwise I’m taking too much, shame the bags are not resealable
Came second in my match so happy days.
15% off my next purchase lasting 2 weeks! I have enough bait to sink a battle ship for now, not long enough.

Super bait

All the range of fjuka baits better than standard pellets


Sorry haven’t been able to get fishing this last few months i have been ill i will do a review in next few weeks

Sensation Trial

Yesterday I fished Club water and used Sensate original on pellets with method feeder.and Fjuka Wafter on hair rig Caught 3 carp to 12lbs and numerous roach and .bream Other anglers (3) had no carp. First time I have used Sensate so quite impressed will use again next week

7mm carp pallets

The water was cold and there had been no activity but I put a red pellet on the method feeder and had an immediate take. Using these pellets I had 6 fish, on a cold dull day, can't wait to try again soon.

NEW Hookable Wafters
Bernard Bird (ENG)
As yet not used

To busy at the moment, but the product looks great bit smaller than what I wanted
Will double up

Great bait

Not opened this order yet but have used fjuka baits before and they are very good.

just the job

A good versatile stand out bait , recommend 100%

NEW Hookable Pop-ups
Nigel Cann (ENG)
pop ups

caught plenty of f1s on these in my last match, recommend 100%

NEW Hookable Pop-ups
Andy Buxton (ENG)
Pop up

Really love my orders of you I can't wait to get some fish on them


Great bait love it to bits

Winter beauty

My first time using Sensate was in March when the conditions we not brilliant, I was using a method feeder just to see if I could pick anything up. With in minutes of using Sensate with my mix I caught a beautiful 13lb Common breaking my lake pb I can't wait to get back to the lake to see what else I can catch using Senate

I used this on my last outing unfortunately no success but I was in the wrong area of the lake as it’s way too shallow. I’ll be trying it again on my next outing. The smell stays on the micros from start to finish and doesn’t give off an oily slick like some additives do. I’ve heard good things about it so I’ll reserve judgement for now

NEW Hookable Pop-ups
malcolm reeks (ENG)
juast the job

these are great used in a match the week end and came second spot on with method feeder

NEW Hookable Wafters
Les Chapman (ENG)
Hookable wafters

No success with these but will keep trying


Have used once with no success will be using again this weekend

A very cold days fishing 4th of March

Went to a commercial pond six angles on the lake added Sensate to my micros Hybrid feeder just like Tommy P and fished a 6mm pop up had a great days fishing around 70lb when the other angles were struggling highly recommend especially on a very cold day 4 Degrees it’s a thumbs up from me 👍🏼

The Full Fjuka
Shaune D. (ENG)
Top class

Fast delivery for quality bait

NEW Hookable Wafters
John Rymell (ENG)

Caught 24 F1s only used 8 pellets brilliant

NEW Hookable Pop-ups
Derek Gardner (ENG)

Had 4 blank days at the lake, I know it was cold but nobody was catching anything, bought the new fjuka pop ups in 6mm and why not give them a try after lunch, 10 mins the rod bent round, really nice 20+ mirror, just ordered a complete selection of fjuka products.

Would recommend excellent product